As the financial investment in your collection increases, so does the importance to take the necessary steps to ensure your loved ones know how to handle it when you’re gone. The ideal situation is to take those steps now to protect your collection and inform your family members of what you have and how to liquidate it.

However, in the event that a loved one inherits a collection, it’s good to know that the NFLCC is made up of a group of collectors and dealers that understand the years of effort that have usually gone into building a large tackle collection. Our carefully chosen and personally selected Survivorship Committee Members are subject matter experts in the identification, evaluation, and effective means of selling collectible tackle. From the scheduled pick-up of items to the actual auction, our Committee will dedicate itself to serving your family and to the showcasing of the tackle collection to the most serious group of collectors. While acting in the official capacity of the NFLCC Survivorship, your collection is covered on an insurance policy and they will exercise the utmost care in handling your items, and you and your family members will be presented with the highest standards of professionalism.

The NFLCC Survivorship would be honored to handle the collection of your loved one and you will be proud of the collection’s recognition and pleased with the results.

So contact our Survivorship Chairman today and take the first step.