National Show Photo Gallery

National Meet and Show

Our National Meet and Show is held each year during the second or third week of July.  It’s a great way to meet fellow collectors, see interesting tackle displays, and learn about history.  The site varies each year to meet the parameters set forth in our Bylaws

Here are a few featured photos from some of our past Nationals.  Additional photos may be posted on our Discussion Forum.  Show hosts may send selected photos to the NFLCC Web Editor for posting in this Gallery (landscape orientation works best).  

2021 - Ft. Wayne, IN

2019 - Ft. Wayne, IN

2013 - Kansas City, MO

2011 - Louisville, KY

Nationals Locations

2022 Springfield, IL

2021  Fort Wayne, IN

2020  Cancelled

2019  Fort Wayne, IN

2018  Lancaster, PA

2017  Springfield, IL

2016  Ft. Wayne, IN

2015  Springfield, MO

2014  Ft Wayne, IN

2013  Kansas City, MO

2012  Fort Wayne, IN

2011  Louisville, KY

2010  Knoxville, TN

2009  Louisville, KY

2008  Peoria, IL

2007  Louisville, KY

2006  Grand Rapids, MI

2005  Louisville, KY

2004  Peoria, IL

2003  Louisville, KY

2002  Knoxville, TN 

2001  Louisville, KY

2000  Little Rock, AR

1999  Louisville, KY

1998  Knoxville, TN

1997  Dayton, OH

1996  Little Rock, AR

1995 Charles, IL

1994 Harrisburg, PA

1993 Charles, IL

1992  St. Louis, MO

1991  St. Charles, IL

1990  Nashville, TN

1989 Harrisburg, PA

1988 Indianapolis, IN

1987 Indianapolis, IN

1986 Oklahoma City, OK

1985 South Bend, IN

1984 Peoria, IL

1983 Peoria, IL

1982 Kent, OH

1981 Memphis, TN

1980 Paris, KY

1979 Dowagiac, MI

1978 Osage Beach, MO

1977 Dowagiac, MI

1976 Branson, MO – School of the Ozarks

(The club is formed)