The NFLCC has some of the finest publications available to any hobbyist or collector's club. The quality of our publications is superb in format, content, and photography. Paid Members receive a total of four publications each year.

NFLCC Gazette

The NFLCC Gazette is one of the finest publications available to any hobbyist or collector’s club.  It is considered an invaluable, long-term source of information on various fishing tackle and their manufacturers.  The quality is superb in format, content, and photography.  Paid Members receive a total of four Gazettes each membership year: September, December, March, and June.  We are also proud to offer our paid members online access to all prior issues via the NFLCC Bookshelf (login required). 

The articles are submitted by members who have taken upon themselves the time and effort to document information about tackle and the companies that produced it.  When published, this information becomes available to all members, broadening their knowledge in this interesting hobby.

Beginning with our September 2020 issue, major improvements were made to the NFLCC Gazette: Each issue is now 48 pages in length and in full color.  It includes more lengthy and in-depth researched articles, many by members who have specialized in a particular aspect of collecting and researching antique tackle for many years and are considered among the most knowledgeable in the field.  The quarterly Gazette still includes our calendar of events, regional show recaps, a “Can You ID?” section, and member advertising.

Our editor has provided the March 2021 issue of the NFLCC Gazette for you to sample.  

2021 – March Vol. 42, No. 165 Gazette

Article Index

The NFLCC Article Index is a free reference tool that’s useful to both new and experienced collectors.  It provides a comprehensive list of every article that’s been published in our Gazette and Magazine, along with the date and issue number.    

Our Secretary/Treasurer maintains a small selection of back issues that are available for purchase.

Additional Information

Our Editor is always looking for high quality articles and news items relating to tackle collecting.  Please contact Gary by email or phone if you’re interested in collaborating on an article.

NFLCC Gazette Editor
Gary Smith
Acworth, Georgia

NFLCC Magazine 

From January 1991 to June 2020, the NFLCC Magazine was published twice per year.  The final issue of the Magazine (Volume 59) was published in June 2020.  Many thanks to Dudley Murphy for his dedication to the Magazine over the 29 years of publication.  The Magazine was an ultra-high quality full glossy magazine format on heavy stock paper.  Magnificent photography adorned each cover, depicting some of the most collectible antique tackle from the finest collections.  The NFLCC Magazine itself became a prized collectible with the earliest issues commanding high prices.  Some of the information on a particular company or lure can only be found printed in a specific magazine article. We trust that our new format for the Gazette will carry on this fine tradition.

Each issue of the Magazine also had a feature lure centerfold in full color, with each issue showcasing a different rare lure.  Our NFLCC Magazine Feature Lure Index has a list of those that were featured in the past.