Registered Craftsmen

Reproductions, Repaints, Restorations, Folk Art and Contemporary Guidelines for Lures, Decoys, Rods and Reels, not excluding any item related to the hobby of fishing collectibles.

1. Definitions

a. Reproductions: A contemporary imitation of a rod, lure, decoy or fishing related item by a craftsman or company intended to appear identical or nearly identical to the original or commercially produced product.  

b. Repaints: An authentic lure, decoy or fishing related item that has been repainted in any manner after the craftsman or company originally marketed or manufactured said item.

c. Restoration: An authentic lure, decoy, rod or fishing related item restored to the original condition of up to but not exceeding 20% of the item. Restoration exceeding 20% shall be considered a repaint.

d. Folk Art: A unique lure or fishing related item, regardless of size or color, by an individual reflecting personal craftsmanship and unique regional style.

e. Contemporary: A modern lure, decoy or related item manufactured by a present day craftsman or company.

f. NFLCC Commemorative Limited Edition Lure: A modern lure which must be indelibly marked and box marked with NFLCC and year of issue.

2. Identification of Reproductions, Repaints and Restorations

a. Reproductions: The NFLCC does not support the reproduction of antique fishing tackle for fraudulent purposes. Reproductions may be displayed and/or sold at any sanctioned NFLCC show or event, only if they are permanently marked, tagged, or otherwise clearly identified as such.

b. Repaints: Shall be marked deeply into the lure or item with the artist’s initial or trademark, in such a manner making it impossible to remove without altering the item. The artist’s identifying mark or marks should be registered with the NFLCC Secretary/Treasurer, to be published annually for identification and educational purposes.

c. Restoration: Any known restoration or alteration must be pointed out to a prospective buyer or trader. An identifying tag should be attached to the item to avoid misunderstanding. Failure to do so will void a sale/trade at the option of the buyer or trader within 14‑day exam period (applies to transactions between paid, active NFLCC members).

See the NFLCC Sales and Trading Guidelines for more information.  

The craftsmen who have registered their marks with the NFLCC are listed below. 

NameMark or TrademarkImage
Cedar CreekSticker
Dale RobertsD
Daniel Jones"Jones" is airbrushed in various stenciled colors or applied on a black water slide under layers of clearcoat currently.

Note* Years ago, "Jones" or "Jones - TX" was signed/printed in sharpie under clearcoat.
Kevin KleinK
Rich CardinalRC, RWC, or Bellewood
Rusty JesseeRJ or signature
Scott KernRepaints - a start in the circle punched/embedded into the lure
Restored lures - Masterpiece Tackle label with clear coat

Terry SmithTS or signature
Todd FortiniTRF plus the year in which the lure was made
Tom FineoutT or symbol of a diamond with a heart inside