Mission and History

The National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC) is a non-profit, educational, international organization founded in 1976. The primary mission of the NFLCC is to promote the awareness of tackle collecting as a hobby; the preservation of vintage and collectible tackle information, history, and artifacts; to provide appropriate services, support information, and related activities to the NFLCC membership in pursuit of tackle collecting. The NFLCC is a registered, tax exempt corporation licensed in the State of Louisiana and subject to the laws and regulations of such organizations in that State, and applied to all other States. The NFLCC encompasses every aspect of collecting fishing-related tackle and ephemera (i.e. Reels, rods, catalogs, advertising, minnow traps and buckets, creels, photos, etc.), not just fishing lures. NFLCC Member and Professor of History, Dr. Todd Larson wrote a post on his blog that provided us a great look at the earliest days of the NFLCC. Dr. Larson shared the following letter dated June 27, 1976 and authored by co-founder Dudley Murphy. It was written directly following the first NFLCC Nationals held at the School of the Ozarks. As a club, the NFLCC has progressed a long ways, but at its core it’s clear that from the beginning what matters was getting together, sharing your passion, and having fun.

Dear NFLCC Member:
We feel that we now have a strong organization of collectors and with the country being broken into regions the opportunities for regional meetings and swap fests as well as for membership recruitment should be greatly increased. Hopefully through our association with the NFLCC each of our collections will also increase.

As a club we are growing fast and the old lures are starting to show up in members’ collections instead of wasting away in some attic. I think this is what our club is all about . . . so, let’s keep at it!

Well, that about says it for now . . . good luck collecting . . . take care.

(First Elected NFLCC President)