Code of Ethics

Section 1. Code of Ethics

General Statement: The NFLCC Code of Ethics is included as part of the Bylaws of the NFLCC. The Code of Ethics will be published and issued annually to the NFLCC membership. Revision to the Code of Ethics will be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors upon the receipt of valid, appropriate proposals from the Chairman of the Board.

Section 2. Code of Ethics Provisions

A. NFLCC members should always foster the spirit and understanding of tackle collecting as a hobby; support the concept of preservation of historical fishing artifacts and tackle items, the identification of tackle items, of trading among members, fair pricing and value determinations; members should educate fellow members and, where appropriate, the general public, in a fair and unselfish manner

B. The NFLCC Membership List is for the exclusive, nonprofit use of the current members only. Any unapproved (approved means in writing) the use of the membership list by a member, or sale to a nonmember, for personal or commercial gain, is prohibited and will result in an automatic one year suspension from the NFLCC.

C. Return of any item from a transaction is considered acceptable if 1) it is the original item in its original condition 2) there is due cause, such as an item being misidentified, mislabeled, or in some other way misrepresented and 3) it is within 14 days of the transaction.

D. Intentional false statements, misrepresentations, cheating, lying, stealing, issuance of no-account checks are unacceptable, and a basis for exclusion from membership in the NFLCC or censure and/or immediate removal from the membership records.

E. The NFLCC logos, designs, promotional and other identification material issued or sponsored by the NFLCC may not be used in any public form without prior written permission. Club members may not use the club’s name, initials, or logos in an advertisement to promote any show or other event in such a manner that Club members or the public could construe that the show or event is being sponsored/sanctioned by the NFLCC when, in fact, it is not. Personal use (cards, stationery) is allowable. Violation of this rule may result in a one‑year automatic suspension from the NFLCC.