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[Solved] Maker of these lures?

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I hope someone can help me identify the maker of these  lures. They may not meet your definition of vintage or collectible. I acquired them from an antique shop in St Charles Missouri as an entire collection in the fall of 1993.  They had some age on them at that time  . They were displayed on the  26”x 46-½” X 2” rack which I call a drying rack and as such are as much a work of art, in my opinion, as a lure collection.  They belong in a lake home or cottage rather than in my garage in Arizona and I will attempt to sell them as “folk art” but knowing their provenance would add to the package and complete my quest  to find their maker.  The seller said perhaps a “Wing” company and maybe Detroit but that has never panned out.  I don’t know that the picture shows that they are not totally mass produced, again in my opinion.  Perhaps a small company that never took root.




Your help and comments are most appreciated.


PS THERE ABOUT 144 and they are for sale as a LOT with rack ONLY!

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