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South Bend Fly Rod Baits

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I'm always on the hunt for South Bend fly rod baits and especially those made in the 1935 - 39 period.  Also after boxes of any time period marked with model number and color code.  Some of the 1936-39 baits include Oreno Popper, Oreno Whiz, Oreno Feather Minnow, Cracker Jack, and other carded flies.

My interest is not just with this time period so let me know if you have any South Bend flies available.  Attached photo is of a complete color collection of the fly rod Sun Spot.  Toughest of the 12 patterns is the Chrome with green insert.

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A very beautiful collection and display. Thanks for sharing. I have a red insert sun spot with South Bend Sun Spot stamped on the chrome back and the same one without any stamping on it. I believe that is a pre-south bend one but not sure. Maybe you could help me out on that part, Thanks again for sharing.

Sincerely, Crappie_Master