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Large Pflueger Metal Sign

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Hello!  I recently acquired a large Pflueger metal sign and I'm curious if anyone has seen one like it.  I'm pretty sure its an original, if not, someone went to a lot of effort to fake it.  The sign is about 48" x24", Black, Red and White in color.  Edges are folded over, back side has some surface rust, front side is dirty with some small chipping and rust stains.   

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Very nice sign.  I've seen it before but I have no idea of the value.  You might post a photo and your question of the NFLCC Facebook page.  (77) NFLCC Message Board (


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It's a modern sign.  There is a company somewhere in the Indiana or Ohio area faking the crap out of various sporting related companies signs.  They are all 48 x 24.  Last year at the Milwaukee show one room was selling all kinds of them, various companies, makers.  I've been an antique advertising dealer and collector for over 30 years and have owned at least one example of nearly every early fishing tackle related sign, poster or calendar at one point or another.  The ones I haven't owned, I have seen and handled in person.  There is some company in India faking the old porcelain on steel signs, a much more arduous process than just litho on metal like this sign, and yet they are doing it.