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Region 5 Indy show March 14

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The Waterfront hotel has informed me that anyone wanting a first floor room in the NFLCC block will have to book it before February 15th. After that date they will not guarentee the prefered location of the first floor. When booking a hotel room, phone number 317-299-8400 please refer to the NFLCC lure show to get the reduced rate.
If you have any questions about the show you can contact me at 260-622-7107 or . Hope to see you at the show. Also we will be having an auction on Friday night with over 200 quality items and you must be an NFLCC member to attend and bid for the items.
Also it seems there has been come confusion as to the date of the show, it is on Saturday March 14 th with auction on Friday night March 13. If you see it posted as the show being on March 20 that is incorrect.