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Region 3 Pigeon Forge Winterfest Jan. 8th & 9th Announcement

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The Pigeon Forge Show is still on the agenda for Jan. 8th & 9th with over 200 tables reserved. Due to covid there are some changes that attendees need to be aware. First, masked will be strictly required while on the show floor and will ( along with hand sanitizer ) be available at the registration desk. Also, temperature checks will be taken when first entering the show each day. The hotel will not be offering their normal continental breakfast nor serving in the show room. There is a Cracker Barrel, Krispy Creme, and Kentucky Fried Chicken adjacent to the venue plus all kinds of eateries and a grocery store near by. The show will be for members only with the normal temporary membership program waived for this show. There will be a Friday evening survivor auction plus members auction both days. These changes have been put in place to meet current covid recommendations and offer all attendees the safest possible environment in which to enjoy the "Reunion at the Forge". Hope to see you there.