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Temple, TX Show Aug. 27-29

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  1. **Temple Show Update**

    The Temple, Texas NFLCC Fishing Lure & Tackle Show is officially 1 month away and I wanted to go ahead and share what will be expected of all Club Members during the show. I have attached the form that each Club Member will receive upon arrival and checking in to the registration room. You will also receive a mask and bottle of hand sanitizer at that time as well. Just as with the Evansville Show, you will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability for the Temple, Texas Show when you check in to the registration room.

**The following items have been updated since my previous post 1 month ago**

Hotel/Overflow Hotel - As of right now, The Best Western is sold out for Friday, August 28th. There are a few rooms still available for Thursday night. With the help of Mike @ BW we have made arrangements for an overflow hotel. It is the Quality Suites @ 1415 N. General Bruce Dr. Temple, TX 76504. Their phone number is (254)-770-0300 and room rates will be $79.99 per night as long as you mention “NFLCC Lure Show”.
**If you currently have a room booked at the Best Western and at some point, in between now and the show, realize that you will not be able to attend, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible so we can allow another club member the opportunity to take advantage of room trading at the host hotel.**

Membership/ Renewals - *** Please take the time NOW to renew your membership online or by mail with the NFLCC as this will help the show hosts out tremendously as we make final preparations for the show. I will be more than happy to assist if you need help with this process. Because this is a sanctioned show we are required to validate that all participants are members in good standing and we would like to avoid having any issues regarding renewals/non-members come August 27th & 28th. Also, you will be required to wear your badge at the hotel while participating in room trading events and social activities. This not only benefits others from learning your name and identifying you as a club member but also allows the show hosts, Regional VP and Club President to monitor non-members, and outsiders in general who attempt to participate without registering or joining.

Show Tables - Table sales are going smooth and this will be a 120+ table event (Including display area). Over 80% of the tables have been sold so please contact me ASAP to reserve one ($15 Each).
Display Tables are FREE but with limited space available. If you are interested in entering the display competition, please contact me so I know how much space to reserve for you as it will be on a first come – first serve basis. **I have 12 contestants so far and the majority are bringing 3 cases or less**

Auction Items – Thanks to John Collen and the NFLCC Survivorship Program, we will have 200 lots of fishing tackle for the show! There will be a silent auction with 100 items running Thursday, August 27th through Friday, August 28th at the Best Western. Winners/Final Results will be announced the night of Friday, August 28th. On Saturday, August 29th, we will have a 100-lot live auction beginning at 9:30am at the VFW.

Temple Show Shirts – We currently have a few shirts in various sizes available for sale. If you want to guarantee one in your size, please let me know now and we will arrange for that payment.

Friday Seminar - Steve Hollingsworth has offered his time to share some history, and recently acquired literature and knowledge regarding the early years of Whopper Stopper. I encourage everyone to participate as this will be the first time for this presentation. I believe Colby Sorrells will be contributing as well!

Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns about any of the information provided above or about the show in general.
Be safe, stay healthy, and see you all soon!
Blake Taylor – 903-217-8588

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