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As a father of a ten year old, I try to attend shows and they always conflict with school. Why isn't an effort made to schedule shows during school vacations, they have plenty. The only way to attract new members to this hobby is by having them attend shows and seeing hands on what serious lure collections are like. most schools have the same weeks off, this seems to me like a no brainer but it's not being done. Just my .02

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Carlos, thank you for your post and question.  Regional show scheduling is a challenging process with two critical elements.  The first is having members that are willing to commit the time and effort to host a show.  The second is the availability and affordability of a venue to hold the show.  Fortunately, we have a group of dedicated members, some for many years, committed to hosting these shows.  Venue availability and affordability in many areas are seasonal and unavailable or unaffordable during major holiday and vacation periods.  Regional shows are appropriately named as the majority have attendees from several states, some as many as 10 – 15 different states. Scheduling all the regional shows within a limited common vacation time period could negatively impact the attendance at each show.  Show hosts carefully balance all the parameters when scheduling their show.

Your Region VP is Les Ozimkowski. I’ve sent this note to Les and asked that he reach out to you to discuss the scheduling off his regional show.