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"Paperless" Membership - New!

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The NFLCC is pleased to now be able to offer an online-only membership.  The only difference between this and any of our other membership types is that you will not receive printed copies of the Membership Directory and Gazette; you will only receive access to the online versions on our website.  This new option is available as an annual membership for only $25 (US dollars) to anyone – including international members! 

You still receive all the other benefits of membership, such as access to attend any of our shows (registration required) and the use of all online resources on our website, including the Archives, Article Index, and the NFLCC Bookshelf, which contains our entire library of past Gazettes and Magazines.  If you decide you want a hard copy of a particular issue, we can send that to you for the price of the publication plus postage.   

You can purchase a Paperless Membership via credit card or PayPal on our Join page.  

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