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We’re pleased to announce that we now provide our paid, active members with online access to an up-to-date Membership Directory.  Like the annual printed version, the online Directory contains each member’s name and contact information, but the online version will be updated regularly with any updates that you provide us. 

To access the online Directory, login with your username and password and then click on Resources > Membership Directory.   


Log in and go to My Account to:

  • Update your information, including the “What I collect” section
  • Opt out of being listed (if you are opted out as of August 1st, you will also be excluded from the printed Membership Directory)
  • Opt out of receiving a printed copy of the Directory
  • Note: Members who do not have internet access can just contact me directly to update their membership record.  


Please note:

  • If you allow your membership to expire, then your listing will be removed from the Directory you will no longer have access to it.
  • The printed Directory is still printed once a year in August, using the information that is in your membership record as of August 1 (or the date published on our website each year).  If you are not an active member as of that date, you will not be listed in the printed Directory.  Likewise, if you are opted out at the time, your information will not be included in the printed Directory.


REMINDER, as per the NFLCC Bylaws and Code of Conduct:  The NFLCC Membership List is for the exclusive, non-profit use of the current members only.  Any unapproved (approved means in writing) use of the membership list by a member, or sale to a non-member, for personal or commercial gain, is prohibited and will result in an automatic one-year suspension from the NFLCC.


We hope you find this new tool to be useful!