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Informercial Announcement: Another three dozen files of advertisements from Jerry Martin’s massive collection have been added to the NFLCC Archives.  These files include many smaller companies up to the larger companies such as Enterprise (Pflueger), Peckinpaugh. Shakespeare, and Paw Paw.  Check out the ten files named “Miscellaneous Company Ads” for those very small and obscure companies.  Or if you are into the non-lure/rod/reel equipment we use check out the four “Miscellaneous Equipment” files. You would be surprised what you might learn or answer a question you might have.  Neil Eddelman resolved a question about a very early Wright McGill fly through these ads.  The source for much of the information I posted on the background of the Jack’s Fish Ferret came from these ads.  Stay tuned for an upgrade in a few weeks to improve the usability of the Article Index.