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Starting in January 2022, we will offer a Member Spotlight on the front page of the NFLCC website.  Members can reserve this spot for a month at a time and it will be publicly accessible.  The Member Spotlight can be a link to your tackle-related website, a “wanted” ad for that elusive lure you’ve been searching for, an ad for a book you’ve written, or a write up of some history that you’d like to share.  Must be related to fishing tackle or its history!  Contact me for availability and scheduling.  I’ll also need your logo for the home page button, your flyer or website link, etc.  The terms are $25 for a one month ad, or  $40 if you need assistance creating a basic logo for the button or a flyer.  Additional information and updates will be posted here in the Discussion Forum.

Requests are subject to review and must be approved by the Secretary/Treasurer and the President.  The NFLCC reserves the right to reject a request or modify/discontinue this service at any time.  Links to eBay will be refused.  As with our other advertising: The NFLCC, its members, officers, and Board of Directors does not endorse, guarantee, or accept responsibility for any claims made by any of the products or services advertised within its publications or on its website.