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Getting started  


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06/08/2019 8:58 pm  

Hi there, my name is Will and as I am pretty young (16), I wanted to know if any fellow fishing & fishing lure enthusiasts would be so kind as to share some tips with me about collecting. 

Thanks in advance!! 

(P.S. I plan to attend the Fort Wayne fall show)

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07/08/2019 12:21 am  

Hey Willy:

Welcome to the Club website. Glad you are taking interest in the hobby and attending your first show in Fort Wayne, because that would be a great place to start. I have several suggestions for you so that your experience will be rewarding. You should try to buy a fishing tackle book, my suggestion would be one of the several volumes of Murphy/ Edmisten Fishing Lure Collectibles (picture attached) or Karl White's book on Fishing Tackle (pic attached). See what strikes your fancy. Is it rods? reels? lures? All of the above? When I picked up Dudley/ Edmisten, what caught my eye was Creek Chub lures. I though the colors and patterns were pretty cool. And I was impressed by the fact that they names their company after a little forage fish in their local waters called a creek chub. Thought that was cool and I was hooked (pun totally intended).

I started searching ion Ebay for some of the lures I found in the book, and primarily Creek Chub lures, and from the present and past sales, I learned a little more about the value of each of the lures I was becoming fond of. Going to the shows will further reinforce your knowledge of different values and conditions of each lure. Over time, you will gather all this an absorb it as you become more knowledgeable and comfortable in your collecting ways. Go to a flea market or garage sales or antique stores and see if you can locate some lures or tackle there as well. Lots of guys have little business cards they print out and leave them around antiques shops and flea markets or stores to spread the word about their interest in vintage antiques tackle.


That was me about 6 years ago when I jointed the NFLCC. I have since been blessed to have met hundreds of other collectors from all over the country and Canada, many of who now are close friends of mine. I have also been entrusted with being elected the Vice-President of Region 1 of the NFLCC (New York, New England States, Eastern Canada and I believe Europe and everything east to the Ural Mountains). I hope to meet you one day and please introduce yourself should we run into each other at a Show. You can e-mail me at if you have any questions Willy. Be well and enjoy.

Les Ozimkowski

V.P Region 1 - NFLCC

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07/08/2019 12:31 am  

Hey Will:

Me again. Sharing some pics of the lures that I was blessed to have acquired at out National Show this past month in lovely Fort Wayne, IN. As you may have guessed, pretty much all Creek Chub and one Heddon bait. Hopefully I uploaded them in the proper order.

Creek Chub 2900 Gar Minnow in Special Order "Champagne" color

Creek Chub 100 Wiggler in Golden Shiner

Creek Chub Baby Wiggler in Brilliant Greenback

Heddon 150 in Siena Crackleback

Creek Chub Pop N' Dunk in White Scale in matching box

Creek Chub Sarasota in early Perch pattern

IMG 2072[1]
IMG 2071[1]
IMG 2070[1]
IMG 2069[1]
IMG 2068[1]
IMG 2067[1]


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07/08/2019 12:33 am  

So much for putting them in order. Rule#1 folks. Post the pics in inverse order if describing consecutively.

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07/08/2019 10:16 am  


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