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This bulletin board is provided as a public forum for announcements, messages, questions, chat or almost anything else you can think of related to vintage fishing tackle. Inappropriate messages will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators. The moderators reserve the right to remove any post without warning, and to edit the following guidelines/standards as necessary.

Examples of inappropriate posts include but are not limited to the following:

  • Posts that are off-topic, redundant, disrespectful, harassing, hateful, obscene, abusive, racist, sexual in nature, homophobic, political, religious, profane, vulgar, or intended to cause controversy.
  • Posts intended to spam, phish, or impersonate another user. These posts will result in the immediate revocation of posting privileges.
  • Posts intending to sell anything unrelated to fishing tackle.
  • Posts containing material that infringes on or violates any right of a third party or any law.
  • Posts that mention eBay or directly link to any eBay page.
  • Posts that publicly challenge the message board rules.

If you are not sure if your post is completely appropriate, then do not submit that post.

If you would not say what you have written to another person’s face, then do not submit that post.

If your post adds nothing to the conversation, then do not submit that post.

Volunteer moderators help us manage the forums and enforce the forum rules.  The point of moderation is not to limit discussion, promote or suppress points of view, or any other secret agenda.  The purpose of moderation is to keep the forums enjoyable and free from problems that detract from the experiences of our members and/or guests.

If your post is considered inappropriate by the above standards and it is removed, you will receive a warning from the moderator.  A second removed post within a 6 month time frame will result in receiving a final warning from the moderator.  A third removed post within one year will result in the permanent loss of posting privileges.

This bulletin board is intended to be a friendly, constructive, fun, and educational way to engage in collecting vintage fishing tackle.  Please, keep within these guidelines to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone!