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Various books by author for sale

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I am a long term member of the NFLCC and have written numerous books for sale.  I do have a few in stock, but anyone can order them through Amazon or Barnes and Noble Press independently.  If you are interested, I have a very limited stock on now, but can specifically order them for you or you can order directly.  If you do order directly from the printer, I can send a signature sticker to affix within your book (s) at now charge.  Just e-mail me with a confirmation of what books you ordered or for inquiries at what I may have in stock.  You can also reach out to me with my phone number in the NFLCC membership directory.


Kevin Virden

Pradco Arbogast
Plastic worm
Kicker and Tin Liz
Kent book
Kent book BN
History of the AFHCo. TT Corp. 1835 1967
Hawaiian Wiggler Family
Fred Arbogast Corporate History
Fred A. Pardee and Samuel H. Friend Story
F.Arbogast Company, Inc. Guide 1940 1997
Al Foss American Fork and Hoe Company and True Temper Corp. Ephemera 1900 1950s
Akron Ohio's Fishing Tackle History V.3 1949 2019 cover
Akron Ohio's Fishing Tackle History V.2 1920s 1940s cover
Akron Ohio's Fishing Tackle History V.1 cover
A History of the Creme Lure Company 1949 1989 book cover

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