Who collects folk a...

Who collects folk art lures? I do!  


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12/07/2019 3:37 pm  

I fell in love with fol kart lures back in 2010 when I found my first one at a flea market in Ohio. I never whipped out 10 bucks faster! Since I have collected, published several articles, started a blog, and networked with so many great collectors who share this passion!

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10/08/2019 11:29 pm  

You forgot... LURE MAKER!   I own some of your work...      Chance you are a great thing for this club and one heck of a nice guy!   see you in Fort Worth my friend.          Jim Villwok   Rowlett Texas 


P.S.   this is my 1ST post on the new website...  

P.S.S>   I also collect any odd lures so that is fold art sometimes!  

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27/01/2020 4:26 pm  

I have over 700 Albert Ford (Branson, Mo.) Lures I will be taking to the Carthage,  Mo. Show. He hand carved each lure along with signing and dating each one. Original package. Some consider his lure folk art.

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