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Some of our members have graciously offered to share these resources with you.  Please visit their pages and show them your support!


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Spring-Loaded Fish Hooks, Traps and Lures – by William Blauser

Since the book that I co-wrote with Tim Mierzwa a dozen years ago came out (Spring-Loaded Fish Hooks, Traps and Lures), these historically important and previously undocumented spring hooks, lures and metal killer fish traps from fishing’s past have come to light.

Since the passing of my dear friend and co-author Tim 6 years ago, and for other reasons, I have decided not to write another book to document these, but rather have put them in digital form on 5 files.  I believe collectors and non-collectors alike will find these items and their ties to the early years of fishing’s history of interest.   

I hope that you enjoy this previously undocumented information which is meant to help preserve the history of fishing in the United States, and to illustrate the mechanical genius of its inhabitants.

Fishing for History

The NFLCC has arranged for our members to have access to Fishing for History, an independent online magazine that deals with outdoor heritage.  It concentrates in particular on the history of fishing and fishing tackle, and seeks to provide interesting, informative, and important materials for anyone who wants to help preserve our nation’s (and the world’s) fishing.
Visit and click on NFLCC.  The NFLCC Bookshelf is tailored for club members, holding both the past and present issues that are available to the members for viewing our online format.  The password changes periodically and is currently NFLCC (all upper case).

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