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Opportunity to Attend the NFLCC 2017 Nationals - $1,250 Giveaway
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by NFLCC - Feb 25th, 2017 7:48 pm.
Opportunity to Attend the NFLCC 2017 Nationals

A long-time member has generously donated $1,250 in memory of his step son, Nicholas Kleas, for a member to attend the NFLCC National Show in Springfield, Illinois. The only requirement is that the member has NEVER attended a National Show.
The donation is to cover five room nights at the hotel and provide $500 in spending money.
The club is providing one table at the show for the member to display and/or offer items for sale.
The amount reserved for the hotel expenses will provide a modest amount for meals or incidentals.
Transportation to/from Springfield Illinois is at the member’s expense.

Attendance prior to the official dates of the show enables the attendee to participate in the active room trading and meet members from all over the U.S., including a few international members. To many members, room trading is the highlight of the show with the opportunity to pick up items for their collection while spending time visiting with other members and making new friends. You might even personally meet a member that you've dealt with over the phone or through email.

How to Apply...
Applications must be received by April 20th and the selection will be made by May 1st. A committee of Board members will select the member to receive this opportunity.

An application will be included in the March Gazette. Complete that application and mail to the address listed - OR - send the below information to George Chrisman via mail or email: Chrisman@smu.edu or George Chrisman, 902 New Bedford Ln, Allen, TX 75002-2019.

Full address
Phone number (home, mobile)
Email address
Member Since (Year)
What do you collect
Why do you want to attend the Nationals (200 words or less)
Do not reply to this email with your information; it must be sent to George.

More Details...
Go to our Upcoming Shows page and find detailed information about Nationals registration, location, show schedule, and things to do in the area.
re: Opportunity to Attend the NFLCC 2017 Nationals - $1,250 Giveaway by roger robichau - Feb 28th, 2017 7:34 am
roger robichau
roger robichau
The room that will be furnished should have 2 beds.There will be no limit to how many people can stay there.That would be up to the person earning the trip. Hope this can be something the club can use to promote new membership and interest.As time goes on i am sure it will be tweaked in different ways to make this event even better.LETS ALL GIVE IT A TRY AND SEE WHERE IT GOES !
re: Opportunity to Attend the NFLCC 2017 Nationals - $1,250 Giveaway by JEFF YOUNT - Feb 27th, 2017 11:08 pm
It would be a great thing if it could be someone with a child ( or even two or three ) to take along to experience and enjoy the nationals also. The club needs new, younger members and this could be a great start. Heck, maybe the club could start something like a mentor program or something similar where members nominate kids or have them do projects to earn a trip. Or something along those lines. AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THERE IS NO MONEY IN THE TREASURY TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS. It's been a few years since I seen the numbers, but at that time there was over $300,000 dollars in there. And at the time, I believe that regional VP'S were getting $500.00 to attend shows outside their own district? I may be wrong about that but I thought I seen that somewhere. And if it isn't going to be used for promoting the club, what is it for then? Just a couple of thoughts.
re: Opportunity to Attend the NFLCC 2017 Nationals - $1,250 Giveaway by melanie kleas - Feb 27th, 2017 4:53 pm
melanie kleas
melanie kleas
It is so exciting to see an opportunity like this for someone. My son Nicholas attended many local lure shows, but didn't get the chance to make a Nationals. Its an experience everyone interested in lures should have at least once. Best of luck to whoever has the most insightful and thoughtful words. See you there!
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