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Huge collection of vintage fishing lures for sale
Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Chad - Nov 8th, 2017 5:20 pm.
My father has a huge collection of old vintage wooden lures with several of then with the boxes and wants to sell the whole collection If anyone is interested. He has 30+ years worth of collecting and is willing to listen for the whole collection or possibly groups or singles if need be. He has 300 lures pre 1970's and 12 or so worth over 100 dollars and has any particular kind or brand you want or are interested in.
re: Huge collection of vintage fishing lures for sale by Steve Johnson - Nov 9th, 2017 12:00 am
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Chad, I'm not going to jump in and share info with you that I would have had you posted following the lures of this board. The only rules that are specific are that we use our first and last names here. Maybe that is part of the reason there aren't as many views. We all like lures and would like to help, maybe buy those, but there are other ways to do that. If you want to do it here, please follow those simple rules.
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