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Winter Publications
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Sandy Schottenham, Secretary/Treasurer - Jan 18th, 2018 9:13 pm.
Sandy Schottenham, Secretary/Treasurer
Sandy Schottenham, Secretary/Treasurer
I've heard from several people that have not yet received their December Gazette and Magazine. Here's what I've learned:
1 - the printer brought the envelopes to their local post office in MO on 12/28. That post office said that they can take 1-9 days to process them. Then, depending on what state the envelopes are addressed to, they may first go to a second office in KS, MO, or IA. Due to the time of year, including year-end, holidays, and the weather that impacted so many states, additional delays are likely.
2 - the printer just provided me with a list of 33 members whose publications were not mailed because the addresses were rejected by their computer system. I am working with the printer to ensure their system correctly processes all addresses in the future and to ensure that they will tell me immediately if any get rejected. Many of these were due simply to the rural nature of the address or the use of abbreviations. I am packing up the December publications for those 33 members now (listed below) and will mail them by Saturday 1/20.
3 - If you are NOT on the list below, please let me know if your publications have still not arrived on FRIDAY JANUARY 26TH. I will then mail you another set. I will not mail any before then.
4 - the Club will be taking steps internally to ensure the timely delivery of all of our publications and mailings.

The 33 names: Barrett, Benny, Bourdon, Bowles, Chapman, Dunlap, Fithian, Gaier, Gerke, Hardman, Herring, Hill, Hooker, Kutchera, Lovejoy, Michaan, Monteleone, Niemann, Patten, Peters, Potts, Price, Randall, Richardson, Routh, Schleeter, Schroeder, Torres, Unick, Vasta, Vaughan, Wilson, Young

On behalf of the Club, please accept our apologies and know that we are taking steps to address this. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

NFLCC Secretary/Treasurer
treasurer @nflcc.org
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