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Seeking information on a Vintage(?) Rod & Reel
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Ann Allen - Feb 28th, 2018 3:10 pm.
Ann Allen
Ann Allen
My father was an avid fisherman and had quite a collection. I am trying to find some information on a rod & reel I found in his closet. He obviously had it put up for a reason. The information I do have is: Shakespeare Presidential Wonderod, No. FY-A510 - 8'6", and a Shakespeare OK Automatic No. 1822 reel. Both are in original cases (leather I believe) and doesn't appear to have been handled much, if at all. I would definitely say Mint Condition. Just not sure where to begin researching and hoping someone out there can help, and maybe it can eventually fall into the hands of someone that would appreciate it as much as my father obviously did. Thanks in advance!
re: Seeking information on a Vintage(?) Rod & Reel by Jim Schottenham - Feb 28th, 2018 8:44 pm
Jim Schottenham
Jim Schottenham
Hello Ann,
While I'm sure your father appreciated the Shakespeare rod and reel he had stashed away, I'm afraid there isn't much value to collectors. Both the model 1822 automatic reel and Wonderod series of rods from Shakespeare were immensely popular with anglers, and were made in huge numbers. As a result, examples are readily available to anyone wishing to find them. Your items will have much more value to a family member knowing they belonged to your father than to a random angler. It sounds like he thought highly of them, enough to keep them in great shape, perhaps with the thought of passing them to an aspiring angler in the family, or perhaps a family friend. Keeping mementos that were used will mean more than items that sat in a box on a shelf. So, the best advice I can offer is to put them to use, get outside and enjoy a day of fishing with them.
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